FAQ Section: how is it created, and what benefits does it bring?

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions – Frequently Asked Questions. This section must be on any website containing information about the company, reflecting its activities’ complete characteristics, types of products sold, or services provided. And this section is considered a reference or guide to widespread problems that users face. And for it to be helpful and to cope perfectly with the main functions, you need to know what kind of section it is, the advantages, and the principles of its creation.

What is the FAQ

The abbreviation FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions and translates to “Frequently Asked Questions.” This is a small reference book on the site that gives brief answers to questions and solves various problems of users of the resource. The main idea of this section is to briefly outline the required instructions so that most of the potential audience can find the information they are interested in on the resource without using the help of technical support.

The FAQ page on the site produces the most significant number of functions. For example, the primary purpose of this section is to unload technical support; it keeps interested users on the resource in the application and provides a full explanation of the main points regarding the operation of the service.

Main advantages

The FAQ section for website owners and webmasters has several advantages:

  • Significantly saves time. And most importantly, to everyone who works on this site. Perhaps at first, you may like to constantly answer users’ questions, explaining everything to the smallest detail. But after a few days, all this can get boring, especially if the questions are constantly repeated. And most importantly, there will not be enough time to solve other tasks. The presence of the FAQ section will help to unload; there will be no need to waste time answering simple questions and problems; all the required information will be in this section;
  • FAQ has a positive impact on traffic volume. Search engines always try to answer the user. If the FAQ page was designed in the “Question-Answer” format, then this is already half the work on optimizing the resource. And it is also possible to get directly into the search results;
  • A well-designed FAQ with answers to popular questions increases the brand’s reputation in the eyes of potential consumers.

How to collect questions for the FAQ?

If the site does not have an FAQ section yet, you need to collect an invoice for answers and understand what users are most interested in. And it is fashionable to do this using the following methods:

  • You can contact the support department and the sales department. Managers receive a large amount of feedback from customers both before and after the purchase;
  • Systematization of the process. If conversations are recorded, then you can explore several dozen dialogues. And then, you can choose the most frequently asked questions;
  • Dialogues can be tracked in chats, emails, and other communication channels;
  • There is another source of information – open data. You can look at forums, and thematic communities, study comments on social networks and find sections with reviews.

A complete study of valuable sections and sources on various resources will help you create a relevant FAQ. It will contain only useful information in which it will be possible to find an answer to the question, a solution to the problems that have arisen without contacting technical support.

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