Features of creating a website on WordPress

Creating a website based on WordPress technology is an excellent solution when you need a resource for personal or commercial purposes. This CMS is considered in demand, but the site created with it will not immediately generate income and work effectively. The resource needs to be configured to interest users in the subsequent period. To do everything right, one must first study the features of creating a WordPress website. 


Creating a website based on the WordPress platform has many positive qualities. And among the most popular advantages are the following:

  • No usage fee is required;
  • WordPress technology has open source. This means that in the subsequent period, the site can be modified, changed;
  • The platform offers a wide range of templates, extensions, and add-ons. They work on a paid and free basis;
  • When working with the system, much information is freely available. For this reason, you can quickly solve the problems that have arisen, find an answer to any question;
  • A reasonably simple and intuitive interface, which makes it easy to work with the technology;
  • The created resource is compatible with almost any hosting – most have a built-in WordPress installation tool;
  • The WordPress platform allows you to create different sites – small business card sites, profound portals with an extensive structure, and many pages.

Choosing a hosting and registering a domain

If you plan to create a commercial project that will make a profit in the future, then you should choose paid hosting for it. This is an ever-functioning server on which the site will be located.

Many hosting services are excellent for large projects. But you can contact us, and we will find a suitable platform and register.

It is also mandatory to register a domain; a hoster can help with this.  To do this, it is enough to come up with a domain name, and you need to ensure that it is free. And after that, registration is paid.

Installing WordPress

After purchasing hosting and registering a domain name, you can start installing WordPress. Some hosting providers offer tariff plans with a pre-installed CMS. If you select it, you can immediately proceed to the third stage. But there are hosting sites without an installed engine, and you will need to install it yourself.

To do this, you can use the instructions:

  • To get started, go to the WordPress site, the “Download” section opens, and the latest version is selected and downloaded;
  • Using a particular FTP client, upload WordPress files to the root folder or subdirectory. There is a file in the root folder index.html;
  • WordPress is being installed. To do this, a link opens in the browser;
  • Information about the site is indicated. Specify the website name, username, password, and email address.

After installing WordPress, the platform is configured. To begin with, it is worth choosing a suitable theme; for this, you can use a particular design template. Using the theme, you can customize the site on a standard engine.

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