How to choose the right CRM for a small business

Sometimes a small business can safely work without a CRM system, especially if the customer base is small. All transactions and the database can be kept in Excel spreadsheets. If automation is not required, why spend money on subscription and implementation of this technology? But only some things are so simple, a CRM system is needed even for small companies, and it helps to solve many essential tasks. But most importantly, it increases workflow efficiency and profits.

The main functions of CRM

The main task of the CRM system is to automate the company’s customer interaction. It is required to increase sales, optimize advertising, and improve service.

What does the CRM system do:

  • Helps to manage sales;
  • Leads the customer base and creates a portrait of the target audience;
  • Keeps records of transactions;
  • Plans tasks for working with clients;
  • Automates document flow and texts of commercial offers;
  • Collects statistics, analyzes data, and forms a funnel of tasks.

The sales funnel is the customer’s path from the first contact with you to making a purchase. The CRM system can be configured independently to record every call, email, or message via messenger. All this helps to evaluate the effectiveness of personnel and track the stages provided by the sales funnel.

How to choose a suitable CRM system

The introduction of a CRM system is mandatory for any company, even with a small customer base. This technology allows you to increase conversion by 300% and retention and customer satisfaction by 47%.

Before choosing a suitable CRM system, the following points should be determined:

  • Your team. If the company has a certain number of people who need access to the CRM system, this should be considered when making a purchase decision. If it’s too expensive, then you can start with a single-user plan;
  • Customer base. A company’s price for CRM often depends on the number of contacts. It is worth conducting a budget audit beforehand, and this will help remove dead-end leads that will not give a conversion;
  • The ability to embed additional functions. Integration of crucial functions into CRM can lead to improved lead processing capabilities and cost savings.;
  • Marketing automation. Combining CRM with email marketing will bring considerable benefits to businesses. Using these tools allows you to expand opportunities for sales growth.

Why should you buy CRM in Matumba?

Of course, you can configure CRM and choose the appropriate option, considering the type of activity, the size of the customer base, and the results planned to be obtained. But still, if there is no experience in implementing these technologies, it is better to use the services of specialists.

Ordering a CRM system from professionals and subsequent setup and maintenance may require financial investments. But it is better to pay money and trust experienced specialists who can do everything correctly and efficiently. In the future, the technology will work perfectly and will pay off quickly. Thanks to it, the workflow improves, sales efficiency increases, and profits can be seen immediately after the introduction of the CRM system.

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