How to find out the keywords of competitors

While promoting your site in search engines, you should pay special attention to the semantic core of competitors. For analysis, you can use special tools that will be able to export keywords from the desired site. This will help you determine your strategy and identify the main mistakes made by others during the promotion.

What is the analysis required for?

First, studying competitors’ resources is required to get new ideas when creating a content plan and your promotion strategy. And these methods work perfectly in the chosen topic, what should be improved and what needs to be removed on the site.

Usually, this study and research are required when creating a website. Considering the competitive environment and analyzing the complexity of promoting new companies is vital. By identifying relevant and relevant words, the site will be shown to more people. It will also help identify effective queries you still need to get.

Using special services

If a competitor is already known and you need to find out what keywords he uses, then you can use particular services. Among the most popular are:

  • SpyWords. To find out the keywords, you need to enter the URL of a competitor’s resource, select a region, and then click on the “Start analysis” button. After that, the service will conduct a complete analysis and show the main queries for which the promotion takes place. All data is displayed based on the search engine. If the analysis is carried out without registration, then you can check a specific website only once; the main queries and other essential data will not be displayed;
  • SEMrush. The service analyzes sites based on the results in the Google search engine. Many countries are available for comparison, but there is no choice for a specific city. No data can be obtained without registration. After authorization, you can use the free trial version. To conduct an analysis, select the category “Potential keywords” in the SEO section. Then, in a new window, specify all URLs and select a region;
  • CY-PR. This is the best platform for searching for competitors’ words. All information is provided free of charge. The service conducts a thorough analysis of the site, and as a result, a large amount of information is provided. After the check is completed, the page must be scrolled almost to the end. At the bottom, there will be a section with keywords and phrases that are used on the competitor’s website;
  • SimilarWeb. The platform displays not only statistics but also the site rating. Regionally and globally. All data is redeemed from verified sources.  The top 5 organic and paid keywords are given in the section with search data. 

Other services can be used to analyze the keywords of competitors’ websites. Some of them work for free, but still, to get a large amount of information, you need to register and pay; this will allow you to use the platform repeatedly.

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