Hyper-targeted advertising in social networks – what is its benefit?

Social networks are considered the most visited resources, and large amounts of information are posted daily. Many users are happy to post various information about themselves, ranging from full names and ending with the exact place of residence. And is open access to this information allows marketers to create and target advertising for certain groups of people they like; it will attract attention. Hyper-targeted advertising, often found in social networks, works well in this direction. But it’s still worth understanding its main features, how it works, and its benefits.

What is targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising in social networks is an advertisement shown to users of social networks according to specific parameters and characteristics.

The ad may be reflected for people of a certain age, gender, shared interests, hobbies, or smartphones with a specific operating system.

Targeted advertising is used not only for social networks but also in other types of advertising where an ad needs to be shown to a specific group of people.

Why is it profitable to post on social networks?

Hyper-targeted advertising is advantageous in various social networks; it works excellently in them and promotes the company, namely its products or services. But still, there are many reasons why it is worth promoting these advertisements through social networks:

  • Ads are seen only by those who should see them. Hyper-targeted advertising has extensive customization options, which are based on registration data and profiles of users of social networks. The settings are reduced to several essential criteria – location, demographic parameters, education, a field of activity, interests, preferences;
  • Accurate hit. The more precisely the target audience is selected, the better it is possible to adjust the advertisement to the needs. And most importantly, advertising will unobtrusively appeal to customers; it will not force them to purchase a specific product or use a service. This increases the likelihood of a response;
  • Reach a large audience. There is a large audience in social networks, which is constantly growing. At the moment, more than 75-87% of Internet users visit any social network every month;
  • Advertising adapts perfectly to different business tasks. Hyper-targeted advertising considers the profile and specific tasks of different businesses. And most importantly, it adapts to large and small commercial projects;
  • Saving money. This is not only due to the elimination of the non-target audience but also to the fact that this advertising tool is cheap and works perfectly.

Hyper-targeted advertising effectively promotes a company’s brand, product, or services through social networks. And most importantly, it ideally selects the right audience, unobtrusively attracts interest, and users themselves go to the advertised company’s website and then make a profit.

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