Seven reasons why SEO may not bring results

SEO promotion or optimization is considered an effective tool in ensuring the website’s regular operation. Thanks to him, the resource can quickly reach the top of search engines, popularity increases, and demand for the company’s products or services increases. But sometimes, there are situations when SEO may need to bring a better result, which may be due to various reasons.

The demand for the product hasn’t been formed

This may be when a new product or service needs to become familiar to customers or is in demand offline. While no one is looking for this product in Google, assembling a semantic core from actual customer requests will not be possible. It also makes no sense to expect targeted traffic from search engines.

In this case, you can use other tools:

  • Promotion through social networks;
  • Using native advertising from leaders;
  • Advertising integration into videos and so on.

The store is mono branded, and the assortment is small

If an online store offers products of its brand, then SEO promotion is also not suitable for it. It simply will not work; it will not be able to form the primary vital queries and bring the site to the top.

There are several reasons why the CEO will not work:

  • The assortment of a single-brand store is relatively small, and this means that there will be a small number of requests for which promotion can be carried out;
  • Many buyers are interested in enormous stores that sell products from different brands, offer a large selection;

Search engines promote aggregators and marketplaces better, but small online stores may have problems. You can use promotion through social networks, YouTube, and email marketing to boost your online store.

Problems with client-side implementation

Any optimizer with at least a little experience with a client CEO can face this problem. At the end of the month, the customer usually requires a progress report, which may prevent the work from being done as needed.

All this negatively affects the quality of the site. But with the adequate implementation of site recommendations, it will be possible to achieve good results.

To solve the problem, you can specify the deadlines for implementing edits on the resource directly in the contract. Also, you can discuss this issue with the client (including in the brief) at the initial stage), focusing on it.

The website is sanctioned

The specialist promoting resource promotion must notice the notification filter because it is usually displayed in the pane of webmasters’ Google. But this only sometimes happens. For example, only manual measures can be said in Google Search Console, but algorithmic filters may not. And this can be the main obstacle to promoting the site to the top.

To fix the problem, you can conduct a thorough analysis to find possible filter features. You can also contact technical support; you can complete an audit with the involvement of third-party specialists.

Incorrect goals and KPIs

The goals of website promotion can be different – an increase in traffic, brand awareness, an increase in the number of conversions, a rise of certain services, product groups, and so on. At the initial stage, it is crucial to determine the appropriate goals. And based on the tasks set, you can build a work strategy.

The set of KPIs depends on the tasks. Their tracking allows you to assess the dynamics of work correctly. If SEO and performance metrics are initially set incorrectly, this leads to several problems.

Reduced demand for a product or service

This refers to trending products that have already passed the peak of popularity. As a result, the need for them is getting smaller every month. Investing in long-term search promotion of these products makes no sense: there is a risk that the demand will completely disappear when the result is obtained.

The budget for promotion is limited, and the competition is high

When the website’s subject has high competition, search engine promotion requires significant financial investments. To reach high positions, it is necessary to increase the reference mass and the sound volume of the resource. It is needed to work on the quality of the online store every month, for this many specialists should be involved.

If the company cannot allocate a sufficient budget for long and challenging work, it will not make sense to start SEO promotion in such conditions.

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