Three tips on how to develop a secure CRM

When implementing CRM, any manager may face some problems and difficulties, regardless of the company’s size or the activity’s direction. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is considered helpful software for managing internal business processes, accounting for transactions, and automating communication with regular and new customers. For it to work and perform its primary functions, it is worth considering the features and possible risks of implementation beforehand.

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What is the company’s CRM required for?

CRM – automation of key business processes of the company. It is impossible to keep all the data and figures in your head or an Excel spreadsheet – it is necessary to carry out systematization. It allows you to issue reminders on time about the proposed transaction, meeting with the client, and planned delivery of goods.

Programs for maintaining the client base are required to ensure the following conditions:

  • Recording customer information – full name, delivery address, phone number, email, and order history;
  • The program allows you to understand exactly what tasks should be performed during the day, week, month, quarter, and year;
  • Automation of customer interaction processes – sending notifications or mailing, sending invoices, transferring communication to a particular chatbot, timely receiving calls, sending messages;
  • Accounting of transactions and document flow;
  • Analysis of the sales funnel, its effectiveness, and implementation of the plan for each employee;
  • Checking the availability of goods, making delivery;
  • Billing.
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Three helpful tips for successful CRM implementation

Several practical recommendations should be followed for the CRM system to work successfully and perform its primary functions. The implementation must be correct, and the company’s sales management will be carried out automatically and as accurately as possible.

Identification of the main problems

Each company may face problems that may cause business and sales difficulties. Before the introduction of a CRM system, it is necessary to identify the main issues that often have to be faced when dealing with customers:

  • What are the main reasons for losing customers?
  • What prevents you from increasing sales to existing customers?
  • Which channels of customer interaction have a poor conversion rate and why?
  • At what stage is the purchase process interrupted more often? What information do customers lack when interacting with the company?

Forming a team for CRM

Implementing a CRM system is considered a multi-stage project, which should be treated as a large project. It is indispensable to assemble a team; the company’s smooth operation, effective sales management, and core activities depend on it.

Who should be part of the team:

  • Business manager/product owner. The CRM system solves strategic tasks, and the wishes and goals of the manager are considered the starting point of all work;
  • Head of the sales department and an experienced manager who knows the specifics of the process;
  • Heads of departments affected by automation;
  • An IT department specialist, if such a department exists in the company.

If the company does not have experience and proven sales algorithms, then an invited expert can be included in the team. And for this, you can contact us; we will be able to work out a CRM system taking into account the company’s activities and sales volumes.

Definition of KPI

It is essential to decide what you want to get from CRM:

  • Increase customer loyalty;
  • Increase in the average check of one customer;
  • Expanding the customer base;
  • Optimization of managers’ work.

The implementation of the CRM system should be carried out comprehensively. At the initial stage, it is crucial to work with the company’s employees; they should be motivated to increase sales efficiency, increase profits. CRM can significantly facilitate the implementation of many processes; they will proceed in an automated mode. 

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