Ways to personalize the content on the website

Personalizing the website and mailing lists to meet customers’ needs is an effective way to improve essential indicators of a commercial project. One online store may have several target audiences due to the large assortment of products. And to establish personal contact with each customer, it is necessary to personalize the content on the resource. But first, this SEO tool’s essential features and nuances are worth considering.

What is website personalization?

Every day, any online store is visited by a large number of potential customers and buyers. If the resource is not personalized, everyone will see the same content, although everyone may have different goals and objectives. The same applies to the mailing list – without personalization, the recipients will be offered the same products.

Website personalization is a dynamic adjustment of a resource to the preferences and needs of users, in which a recommendation system personalizes content in real-time.  Relevant content will be displayed according to the latest activity, purchases, or interest in specific categories, products, brands, and user locations.


Personalization of content on the website has several positive features:

  • Increase in conversion rates. The introduction of personalization eliminates the need to search for the desired product for a long time, it will appear by itself, and you will only need to look at the options, choose the right one, and order;
  • Increase the average check. This is done through the selection of additional products. If earlier the resource offered the same products to everyone, then after personalization, the positions will be highlighted following the topic of interest, the requests sent;
  • Increased usability and UX;
  • Improvement of behavioral factors. With the introduction of the personalization system, there is a sharp reduction in failures, and the time and depth of the session increase;
  • Increase the effectiveness of the mailing list. It allows you to offer customers exactly what they need. This approach increases the probability of making a purchase;
  • Increased ranking by search engines. Search robots prioritize sites with good behavioral factors, usability, and UX.

How to set up personalization

There are several ways to customize the personalization of content on the site:

  • Independently with the help of programmers. This option is suitable for companies with a large development budget or a large staff of serious programmers and developers. To carry out personalization, it is necessary to test hypotheses; they need to be adjusted in the process of work;
  • With the help of a specialized agency for working with websites. If you have no experience in website development and promotion, it is better to use the services of professionals. To do this, it is enough to pay for the corresponding service, and the specialists will do everything themselves, pick up the necessary tools for personalization;
  • Use of special services. This is the simplest and most effective way. The main thing is to choose the exemplary service, pay for a subscription, and register. And then, it will need to be connected to the website, configured, and implemented.

Personalization of website content can be done independently using popular services. The most reliable ones include Retail Rocket, Personyze, and Monoloop. These are universal platforms suitable for different resources, And, most importantly, they can work with absolutely any content – text, digital, pictures, videos, and other types.

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