What do SEO and UX have in common

Many people probably know that a website’s UX is closely related to SEO. But what is this tool for, what functions does it perform, and is it so important? Few people will be able to answer these questions. The site should not only be easy to find in the search engine, but it should also encourage people to stay on it for a long time, and it should also create positive impressions. It follows that the principles of UX and SEO are interrelated in many cases.

What is UX?

The concept of “UX” stands for and translates as “user interaction.” And it is related to the experience of using the product. It can be a website, a mobile application, or a physical product.

UX reflects users’ feelings and opinions when using a particular product. Does it cause excitement or happiness? Does its application cause joy? Does it make it easier to achieve the main goals? Or does it make you upset and angry because the product doesn’t work or look the way you would like? All the answers to these questions are at the heart of UX.

Why is it essential for UX to improve UX?

So why should improving the usability and UX of a website become part of an SEO strategy? Google and other major search engines are trying to offer people the best results for the queries they send.

A better result means not only a better response but also a better user experience.  For example, if the query “What is keyword analysis?” is entered in the search bar, then Google will try to find the best result in the simplest, fastest, and safest way.

SEO methods that affect UX

There are standard SEO methods and content practices that affect UX:

  • Image tags and headings are all crucial. Image tags provide information if images are not uploaded. Most importantly, they ensure that the user can get a similar user interface regardless of the presence of a picture or photo. Headings structure the content of the page and improve its readability;
  • Create content longer than 600 words. This is important for forming thoughtful answers to users’ questions;
  • Adaptation to mobile devices. This is of paramount importance since gadgets occupy more than 50% of the market share, and their share is growing;
  • Page speed. This indicator is important; it plays a crucial role. No one wants to wait two seconds for the download. If the page does not load for a long time, you will have to click on the “Refresh” button several times, and then, in the end, the user will not stand it and leave this site.

For the website to work and be attractive to the audience, it must combine SEO and UX. Strategies must be integrated; they can’t work separately. The main goal of any website is to generate a large number of leads and conversions. And SEO and UX play the leading role in achieving this goal. You need to implement these systems to succeed and ensure they work together.

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