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Technical SEO audit Website promotion

Professional audit to identify problems of SEO promotion and website operation, finding ways to solve them according to the terms of reference.
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Deep analysis of web resource problems
We analyze the site for errors in terms of search engines and usability. We identify weaknesses, find problems and give recommendations on how to fix them to achieve results in SEO or other types of advertising.
Site Audit Terms of Reference
During the audit process, we create terms of reference describing how to solve the identified problems. We provide advice on improving the project based on the audit of the site in order to increase the effectiveness of the site.
Project development strategy
We draw up a project development strategy, offer effective ways and methods to achieve the set goals and results, using statistical data and our own experience.
Website audit is a necessary measure before promotion

A site audit is required to identify errors on the site by search engines, to identify its weaknesses. DDSI specialists create a task that lists site problems and how to fix them.

Turning to us, we draw up a strategy that will be followed in the course of work, using statistical data and our own best practices. A well-conducted audit is a guarantee of excellent results in SEO and advertising.

Choose a plan

Easy start
Basic technical website audit without writing technical specifications and recommendations for improvements.
from $700
from 2 days
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Confident takeoff
An in-depth SEO audit of the website with the writing of a technical task to correct errors and weaknesses of optimization.
from $1 150
from 5 days
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Flight is normal
SEO audit with terms of reference and recommendations for improvements to achieve better results.
from $1 650
from 1 week
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Simply space
SEO audit with terms of reference, recommendations for site improvements, and optimal solutions.
from $2 100
from 2 weeks
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All reviews
James Curtis
James Curtis

Launched a new pizzeria in the city, wanted to move quickly and earn trust from customers. We made a site for contractors, which eventually turned out to be buggy and poorly working, so we decided to contact this company for help. We were presented with several preliminary options for changing, redesigning the site and improving its performance. The finished work was done within two weeks (the volume was large), after which they began to promote the site in the search. Due to excellent SEO advertising and the fact that the site has become convenient and practical for customers, an active increase in orders began. Every day, the statistics were actively growing, after which our company was clearly convinced that we turned to real specialists. Now the site is in the top 4 pizzerias of the whole city, overtaking even the most popular network pizzerias, which are widely known. Customers are increasingly turning to our website to order pizza on a colorful and convenient website, for which we are grateful to your company.

James Moore
James Moore

We needed a site for online delivery of shawarma throughout the city, with design, advertising and SEO promotion. I turned to Matumba, where I was immediately acquainted with the price list and the approximate time for the completion of the work. The finished work was done a little earlier than the deadline was set, I was consulted on the design throughout the entire time, so I was directly involved in this, which I especially liked. The first customers began to appear, and a month later I decided to order my own application for delivery, slightly expanded the assortment, and again provided the right to choose an approximate design in the application. Managers regularly get in touch, no one is lost after payment, this pleases. Coordinating with me throughout the promotion is also a good step, because they cannot make a mistake in this way (everything is built based on my requests). The finished application was tested, they even gave me a try before launch, everything works fine. As a result, they helped promote it and advertise it, now there are more than 10,000 downloads, which is an excellent result for a small town, so I was satisfied with Matumba!

George Edwards
George Edwards

We launched a new brand of clothes and shoes together with foreign designers, we needed SEO promotion to be in the top 3-4 sites in terms of popularity. I consulted with the manager, who outlined the whole promotion situation, named the prices and the approximate time it would take to complete the service. The price tags here are slightly lower than the market average, but the quality is noticeably higher + excellent service speed. I had a manager’s number who responded to messages almost around the clock without much delay. I was satisfied with the company, I want to say a special thank you for doing the work a little earlier (it helped to attract wholesale customers), so I have already recommended your service to my business partners.

Carl Jones
Carl Jones

We needed a site for selling a franchise, we help to run a business in the first few months. There is not much trust in franchises, so we decided to order the most friendly design for the future site + the site itself + optimization and advertising settings for it. As a result, the guys met the deadlines, they really liked the pricing policy, because competitors would have taken longer and more expensive. In just a month, we prepared a complete site from scratch, there were many questions about the design, so that I could roughly describe the option I liked. They also did an excellent job with the promotion, both from search queries and contextual advertising, there were a lot of transitions and calls, requests from potential customers. The design was done well, I asked the opinion of designers from abroad to find out how much they would have done something like this. I was told the price tag three times more than I gave Matumba for the full package with other promotions, so I am as satisfied with the result as possible.

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Website audit

An SEO website audit is a professional service from our Matumba. To check the website’s operation and optimization, performing an audit is necessary. It is worth contacting professionals for all tasks to be done efficiently and quickly. Only they can take into account all the resource elements and search criteria and perform a high-quality SEO audit. This is perfectly known only to our employees, and for an ideal result, it is worth ordering an SEO audit of the site from us since SEO promotion is our specialization. Our studio specialists will consider all the details when analyzing the website, eliminating errors that worsen the resource operation.

When do you need an SEO audit of a website?

An online website audit is necessary in the following cases:

  • if the promotion results are wrong, the positions do not grow;
  • the contractor has changed;
  • a new project is being launched;
  • the website is changing, so it is crucial to determine what should be removed and what should be left.

This situation usually develops if a targeted analysis is carried out. Also, once every three months, it is necessary to conduct planned research on the audit of the site. There may be errors in the process of adding content and new pages. That is why, for prevention purposes, it is worth analyzing the resource more often (SEO audit). Our web studio will solve this problem efficiently and quickly.

Advantages of a website audit

If resources undergo regular website promotion audits, they are necessarily in the lead, getting into the TOP search engines. Usually, it is impossible to get to the TOP in case of inconsistencies and errors. That is why it is essential to perform a regular website audit at our price, which will please you.

If you decide to order an SEO audit of the site from Matumba, know that you are guaranteed many advantages:

  • the resource will work stably and efficiently;
  • all inconsistencies and errors will be eliminated;
  • it will be possible to increase the position in the organic search results;
  • the quality of the content will improve.

Matumba guarantees a detailed and high-quality technical audit of the site. We recommend that you order an audit of the site from us. We guarantee quality and excellent results.

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